Guarantee of Service

“When we live up to our Client Commitment on your first project, we will have earned your respect.

 When we live up to it on one project after the next, we will have earned your trust and loyalty.”



We are a GTA based geotechnical engineering firm focused on excellence.

Sola Engineering Inc. provides geotechnical, environmental and materials testing and inspection services.

Sola is a consulting engineering firm that has put “Consulting back in Engineering” by combining experience and practical expertise in providing every client with a cost-effective, timely solution, tailored to meet their specific project needs.

Everyone talks about providing great service these days but when it comes to highly complex, critical and time sensitive projects, most firms fail to live up to their service commitments, so much so that the words “great service” has lost all its meaning to most clients when they need it the most. Sola is committed to the highest standards of integrity and client service and as such we are one of the first companies in our industry to provide a Service Guarantee! We hold ourselves accountable to providing exceptional services and so can our Clients! Sola will stand behind its scope of work, execute projects on time and on budget, make valuable recommendations, communicate well and often, and deliver what is promised!

What differentiates us in the industry is that Sola is one of the few firms that will offer you the tools to see the progress of your project so that you can make sound strategic and tactical decisions with reference to your project by optimizing your ability to identify opportunities and make changes in a much faster timeframe which is critical with times sensitive project.

Give us a call, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your upcoming projects!

Meet the team

At our firm, we aim to bring you the best engineering solution for your problem. Our engineering firm consists of a remarkable team of experts in just about every field you can name, and it is because of this that our firm has been able to stay ahead of its league.

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